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The ‘Religion’ section at my local thrift shop

August 15, 2013

The 'Religion' section at my local thrift shop

Oxfam is an excellent charity, founded by Christians in England in 1942 (‘The Oxford Committee for Famine Relief’), now world-wide.

Apparently in 2008 it publicly embraced a new ‘secular-based’ mission and approach.

And now I have noticed what seems to be an inevitable trend when organisations become ‘secular’, presumably in the name of tolerance and pluralism. Sadly, the tolerance does not extend to tolerating faith. So in Oxfam’s bookshops and in thrift shops something is happening…..

The removal of Christian books.

I wouldn’t mind if there were no demand for such books, but almost inevitably, when there is a good selection of Christian books available to browse, other people are looking through them when I visit.

But this deliberate removal of Christian material has happened in several of their shops that I have been regularly visiting over recent years. It seems to me that previously rich and popular sources of Christian books are simply disappearing.

The pattern is pretty consistent. The first thing to go is Bibles. On the next visit pagan books will have started appearing amongst the Christian section. Then someone decides to move the entire religion section, usually right down to the bottom shelf, so you literally have to bend down on all fours to get to it. Then the Christian book section gets smaller. Then it disappears completely.

I noticed this familiar pattern starting in my local Oxfam bookshop. Then yesterday I went in and….. no Christian books at all. Gone. No trace.

The selection of books now on offer for those looking in the ‘religion’ section speaks volumes. Look at the picture. There are books on:
Nurture by Nature
Why do men fall asleep after sex?
Things to do with a retired man
The GI diet
Your pregnancy bible
The great detox diet
Beauty wisdom

Thus the modern god, worshipping our own bodies, has replaced the true God. And they don’t even realise it. Oh dear.

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