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About Philip Rogerson

I’m a deacon in the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham, England. Ordained in 2009, I am a full-time deacon in the sense that I am no longer in paid employment and spend my time working for The Church. I would certainly not count myself as retired!

I am a member of the Council of Newman University – the Catholic University in Birmingham named after Blessed John Henry Newman – the first Catholic University in England since the Reformation in the 16th Century! I was for eight years Vice-Chair to the Archbishop of Birmingham at the University, and as his deputy I took on much of the day to day work normally associated with a university chairman. Under the new University articles there is now a lay Chair of Council (with the Archbishop being an ex office Council member); I am now approaching the end of my term of office on the Council.

I am also chairman of Restore, which is an ecumenical project run by Churches Together in Birmingham. This charity provides practical help and support to asylum seekers and refugees across the region, and campaigns for greater understanding and compassion for people who arrive in our communities seeking sanctuary from persecution in their own countries.

I also work in my parish – Saint Ambrose Barlow parish, Hall Green, Birmingham. In addition to parish work, I also give my time to helping the Diocese, being a member of the Diocesan Safeguarding Commission and the Diocesan Ecumenical Commission. I am also the editor of the Diocesan Directory.

How come I am able to spend my time in this way? Well, for thirty years I was a police officer, and I retired in 2005. I held a series of appointments across the country through my career, and as a Chief Officer I was responsible for the national training of all new recruits to the Police Service in England and Wales (except London).

I came to Birmingham aged 18 in 1973 to study Biological Sciences at Aston University (BSc). The police service sponsored me as part of my career development  to return to university twice more – to Aston University where I studied management (MBA); and later to Cambridge University where I studied Criminology (MSt). I treated my formation towards ordination to the Diaconate as another period of personal development, and was a part-time student at the Diocesan Seminary at St Mary’s College, Oscott for four years.

I am married to Catherine. We have three children, all now grown up, and two grandsons.

I am a member of the Catenian Association, joining Sheffield Hallamshire Circle when I was working in Sheffield, and more recently the North Warwickshire Circle in the Midlands.





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